Courage is the Fire that Forges Character
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Karate Evolution, located in Little Chute (Appleton), is a karate school that recognizes that every student has different physical abilities and interests. If you ask one of our 5-year-old students what they love about Karate Evolution, they'll say it's a fun place to play games and learn how to punch and kick. One of our 10-year-old students will probably tell you they like mastering cool moves while learning about focus and respect in a fun way. Adults will tell you Karate Evolution is a great place to head after a hard day at work to get rid of stress while staying in shape. Since size, flexibility, coordination and strength vary by person, our goal then is to help our students participate and excel in their own way. At Karate Evolution we start training you where you're at to enhance your physical capabilities and maximize your self-defense skills.

Unlike many militaristic "drop and give me 20" martial arts schools, Karate Evolution focuses on the total student, instilling discipline and other life skills in a positive and fun way. Martial arts is much more than kicking or punching hard or winning fights-it's also about attitude. It's not tying on a Black Belt that makes you a Black Belt. That Black Belt involves working hard, never giving up and having a Black Belt attitude. That attitude encompasses respect, self-control, confidence, character, integrity and perseverance.

Our energetic staff brings enthusiasm to the floor while teaching forms, weapons, technique and self-defense. Students never feel bored or burned out as they use creative ways to make karate fun and challenging. Karate Evolution's class offerings include grappling, sparring and XMA (Extreme Martial Arts). Students can attend as many classes a week as they wish, making Karate Evolution a great value, and families can train together at our unique Saturday morning Family Class, open to all belt ranks.

If you've already earned a belt rank from another martial arts academy, please contact us to learn how Karate Evolution can help you continue your goals as a marital artist.

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